Dipl.-Vw. Dr Volker Munz, MA

Volker_Munz_2014_kleinCurrent Research

  1. Concepts, Consciousness, Meaning
  2. Ludwig Wittgenstein: The Whewell’s Court Lectures.

Dr Volker Munz is Associate Professor at the Institute of Philosophy at the University of Klagenfurt.

Dr lic. phil. Bernhard Ritter

Current Research

  1. Phenomenology: Linguistic or Transcendental?
  2. Kant and Wittgenstein
  3. Kant and Maria von Herbert

Dr Bernhard Ritter is Erwin Schrödinger Research Fellow with a project entitled “Phenomenology: Linguistic or Transcendental?” (Austrian Science Fund J-4534) at the Institut des Sciences Juridique et Philosophique de la Sorbonne, the Center for Subjectivity Research of the Københavns Universitet, and the Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz.